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Friends of Amberswood


The Friends of Amberswood is a website designed for a local community who manage wildlife areas within the Wigan Borough i was approached by a member of the team who asked if i could design a website but the only problem was that the community isn't government funded so the funds they had was very limited because of this i agreed to design and host the website free of charge.

As this website was built free of charge i created a simple wordpress theme and allowed the members of the community access to the site to allow them to add and edit there own content. below is a small list of the features they required for the website:

  • Have a gallery allowing members to upload there photographs from events hosted by them.
  • Have a blog page to allow them to post frequent updates on the website.
  • Have a built in calendar to display up-coming and on-going events.
  • A simple quick enquiry form for any questions people may have about the community.
  • A basic yet interesting design based on wildlife.
  • Be able to edit and amend text / images when required.
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