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SugaShack was one of the first e-commerce website that I have built and has recently been re-designed to keep up with the modern changes of website design. SugaShack is built in ZenCart as requested by the customer with custom shipping zones allowing their products to be sold to a wider audience.

Over the years SugaShack has had many orders and the site has grown from strength to strength as the first draft of the site was very basic and only targeted a small local audience. Now SugaShack has recieved orders from all over the United Kingdom and had great feedback on the look and feel of the website itself.

SugaShacks main requested features where:

  • To add new products frequently and easily.
  • Be able to have multiple shipping rates & options
  • To look sleek and attractive to all ages.
  • Have a rotating banner on the welcome page.
  • Allow customers to search the website for products.
  • Allow product pictures to be enlarged when hovering over.
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